Spent on LoL: How Much Did I Really Spend?

Hey there, other gamers! If you’ve ever been wondering how much money you’ve spent on LoL (League of Legends), don’t worry. Figuring out this financial puzzle is as easy as hitting the target at just the right time. Come on in, and we’ll show you how to find out why you’re spending so much money on League of Legends.

Spent on LoL: Step 1: Go to the League of Legends help page.

Let’s say you’re starting a quest and the League of Legends Support page is your first stop. You should open your browser and go to the help page. It’s like setting up camp before a big trip.

Spent on LoL: Step 2: Summoner, sign in!

After getting to your online base camp, you need to log in to your League of Legends account. You can think of it as going into the Summoner’s Rift, but this time you’re not fighting champions. Instead, you’re going into the depths of your transaction past.

Step 3: Buy a ticket to get answers—send one in!

You need to carefully look down the page until you find the “Submit a Ticket” button. Click it—it’s the golden key to finding out how you made so much money in the fake world.

Step 4: The Place Where Decisions Are Made

In the box that says “Choose a Request Type,” be a great picker and choose “Account Management, Data Requests, or Deletion.” It’s kind of like picking your champion, but not as important—no one is looking at your KDA here.

Step 5: Get used to being formal

Now, choose a “Formal Personal Data Request” as your type of inquiry in the “Please Select Your Inquiry” box. Spending habits are like going to a ball and being set up with someone to dance with.

Spent on LoL: Step 6: Call up your identity

In the “Login Name” box, type your Summoner Name. It’s time to summon, but not for a champion this time. Instead, it’s time to show off your financial past in the world of League of Legends.

Step 7: Making a Big Choice

When you get to the second “Please Select Your Inquiry” box, choose the choice that says “I want to know how much money I’ve spent with Riot Games.” You have a VIP pass to the big show, which will be very exciting for your finances.

Step 8: Press the magic button and show me the money!

Get ready now. That’s the button that says “Show me the Money.” Get ready for the truth to come out as your spending history plays out in front of you like a well-planned League of Legends game.

Spent on LoL: An extra tip: juggling multiple accounts

Here’s what you need to know for bold summoners who have more than one account. Go into each account separately, get the numbers, and then add them all up. It’s kind of like handling several champions in a team fight—stay focused, and you’ll win (or get a huge score).

So there you have it, brave summoners! It is very easy to see how much you have spent in League of Legends. But be careful—the numbers might make you cringe, so you better play with NIAGASLOT! Like when you miss that important cannon minion in the middle of a lane fight. So, gather your bravery and click those buttons. May your bank account quickly recover from the effects of this financial reckoning!